7 Sep

Success in business boils down to two things “being at the right place” , following the right principles. These two sisters have it down! Not only is their business dripping literally in semi precious gemstones, but they dress the royal family.

The pair, both only 24, were thrust  into the limelight in 2009 when a photograph taken during the G20 summit showed up on news-stands around the world. It featured Sarah Brown (wife of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown) wearing one of their necklaces while holding President Barack Obama’s hand. Talk about lady luck!

The talented London based duo travelled the world to seek inspiration for their multi-award winning business, La Diosa. While living in Mexico, Faith & Zemikael  trained with a group of women who taught them how to make jewelry. Since then, they’ve specialized in creating their own hand-crafted line using rare and unique gemstones into a profitable business.

They have dressed the duchess of Cornwall, who is that? Why the wife of the future king of England! William? Nope Charles, but hey maybe Princess Catherine just might want in on the fun.
So what do you think? Are you inspired to go for your business idea you have locked up somewhere? Are you a budding designer, send us an email at; you just might see your profile on here!


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