Rugged Records and Khanyesaysso Present – This Is Chinaydu – Tha Mixtape Vol. 1

6 Sep

As promised here is Chinaydu’s This Is Chinaydu mixtape presented by Rugged Records and NotjustOk which is 14 tracks deep. I have to say the sound quality is top notch and Chinaydu really delivered and showed us his personality on this tape.

One thing you will realize about Chinaydu is that he stays authentic when he raps; he does not get caught up in delivering his lines in yankee phonetics and easily throws some Naija lingo in without sounding corny. In regards to his skills, you can tell that he owns his own lane and is a witty rapper; I am sure you already found that out on Mic Snatcher which we posted a few weeks back.

The mixtape borrows instrumentals from several hot hiphop/pop songs previously released and Chinaydu imposes his personality on each instrumental which make them sound almost like they are original joints. Make sure you download the entire Mixtape below; if you like hiphop you will really like this mixtape.

Falling – Chinaydu Ft Ruggedman

The track borrows Alicia Keys classic Falling track and kill it… My personal favorite on the mixtape.

DOWNLOAD Individual Tracks

  1. You Can Run (Download)
  2. Why (Download)
  3. No One (Download)
  4. This is Chinaydu (Download)
  5. 5
  6. NotjustOk (Download)
  7. Respect ft. RuggedMan  & eLDee (Download)
  8. Collabo ft. Cyrillic & Dris (Download)
  9. Taliban (Download)
  10. We Hot ft. Suzie (Download)
  11. Gbagaun (Download)
  12. Falling ft. Rugged Man (Download)
  13. Mic Snatcher (Download)
  14. Rap Jingle (Download)

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